Monday, November 30, 2009

Before we Start...

One of the most important aspects of a start-up is its idea. The underlying idea may not need to be always brilliant but it should be always meaningful. According to Guy, a meaningful start-up should make the world a better place. It should increase the quality of life. A start-up can be also meaningful if it corrects a terrible wrong or prevents the end of something good. In essence, our idea should create some value for the world. The history tells us that many start-up ideas are also simple. For instance, Google’s idea was to create a clean and simple search interface having ranked search results. eBay wanted to create a system for a “perfect market”. However, a simple idea does not mean the implementation of it is also simple. Many complex and extremely innovative algorithms involve behind Google’s simple idea.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Consultation & building relationships in 250 words

Building positive relationships among stakeholders is paramount to the success of any kind of business. Interestingly, different stakeholders are not the same in nature and the way we can build relationships is by no means the same. However, we can identify few things, which are important to any kind of relationship.

First, what is a relationship? Depending on the context, there can be many interpretations to the term “relationship” but generally, it means something about a connection. In order to sustain the relationship, this connection should create value to all the parties. Therefore, the basis for building relationships is about creating value for all the parties.

The trust between parties is very important when building relationships. It is so important that we can call the level of trust as the strength of the relationship. Then how can we build trust? The heart of building trust is about being truthful.  Always tell the truth and never miss a promise, then you can be truthful. In addition, if you could be there for other parties and be friendly with them that will greatly help to strengthen your relationship.

Having a good relationship with clients will greatly help you as a consultant. In fact, one important aspect of good consultation is about building relationships. Without a good relationship, you will not be able to get the client’s confidence and trust. Without confidence and trust, no one will ask your help. If nobody is asking your help, then you are no longer a consultant.